Creative Audio & Music Production

Sound is a very powerful marketing tool, and can literally give your brand a voice. At Brand Street Digital, we produce audio that stands on its own. Music defines the essence of a brand. Let our writers, musicians, and brand experts breathe life into your next project.

Music For Picture & Radio

We compose, arrange and produce music and sound design, and have vast experience in working with Advertising Agencies, Brands, Film Companies, TV Companies and Radio Stations from all over the world. We compose all styles of music for logos & mnemonics, music to picture, songs & film scores.

Advertising & Branding

We put our passion for music in each project we do, composing and producing the highest quality music from our recording studios in Chicago, Illinois. Our team of producers work together to respond to any brief, and have vast experience producing quality work quickly and effectively for brands. Being a blend of youth and experience, our creativity and skills are the foundations of our job. Every note, rhythm, lyric, harmony, and sound are wholehearted dedicated to bring value to your brand.

Testing & Launching

At Brand Street, we manage our projects through all phases of audio production, including: talent casting, sound design, dialog direction, voice-over recording, A and original music creation. Our team is involved throughout the entire process, supervising it closely from beginning to end.

Let’s talk about your project. 

Our goal is to provide the guidance, connections and execution to launch, grow and reinvigorate businesses of all sizes.